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tw, cw// police brutality, violence, slurs, abuse, rape, sexual harassment, eating disorders

petitions to sign, people/organizations to donate to, & other resources

general info

this carrd is definitely more usa-oriented, but as some issues are intersectional and universal by nature (e.x. racism, environment, etc.) i hope this is useful for keeping a pulse on what's happening around the world.

be sure to save this link to your bookmarks or keep it open in a tab. i'll be updating this as i keep finding more things to add!

new resources will be highlighted in this blueberry/purple color.

last updated: march 19th, 2021
initial launch: july 2020



how to use this carrd
right click + 'open in new tab' on any link you want to openschedule a time on your calendar for anywhere from 5 minutes to 1 hour to return to this page or other resources you've savedshare this link or specific links/posts on this carrd to group chats, individuals, on social media, etc.come back to this page when you shop for things (support Black-/ indigenous-owned businesses!) or when you have some extra savings and want to donate
checklist of tangible actions you can take
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check your bank account at the end of each month; if financially able, donate to a BIPOC/LGBTQ individual, cause, or advocacy organization in needbookmark websites/products from Black/indigenous-owned businesses to a 'buy later' folderbuy or place holds on 3 books by BIPOC authors, read, and repeat!share 2 resources on your social media platforms or send them to group chats/individuals in your life every day to spark necessary conversations

i'm a student from usa who wanted to collect different resources and posts i've seen floating around and put them in one place!yes, you can share this!! thanks for sharing :]this page is definitely more usa-oriented, but i do include any info about other world issues/events when i come across them. although many of the posts/resources here will be more usa-based, i hope that the info provided is still helpful since many social justice issues today are global and intersectional by nature!

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most of these petitions are based on DO NOT DONATE TO CHANGE.ORG!! the money that is donated goes to the website itself, so all of these well-meaning donations are not making it to the causes they intend to support. if you want to donate money to make an impact, check out the list of individuals and organizations below.

WHITE HOUSE PETITIONS REQUIRE EMAIL VERIFICATION! after you submit your info, make sure to check your email and click confirm.

justice for many

lgbtq+ issues

u.s.a. issues


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if you are financially able, please consider donating to organizations that advocate for justice and/or sending money to those affected by the flawed systems that are ingrained in our society.


multiplying impact

orgs & bail funds

donations for Black folx/ indigenous folx/ grassroots orgs

individual donation listings for those in need/ grassroots orgs

for lebanon

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a list of creatives, small businesses, sustainable alternatives to large corporations, and more! normalize shopping from Black-/indigenous-owned and/or small businesses. invest your money in communities that have been historically cut off from resources, while also investing in the creation of a more sustainable world.

directories for creatives/businesses

guides on shifting away from big corporations

Black-owned/indigenous-owned businesses & initiatives

people to follow

arts to support & integrate

covid-19 resources

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reasons why i'm archiving the learning/unlearning page
when i first made this carrd, i wanted to collect a lot of the information i was reading on ig/twitter onto one page. but after reading more on the dangers and implications of instagram/social media infographic activism (ironically, these were also on instagram), i've decided to archive the resources i've collected for the time being. that isn't to say that the learning/unlearning should end - that is a lifelong habit we must cultivate and take with us into our lives. rather than consuming info entirely from social media, let's read and learn directly from the scholars and activists who push these movements forward.

reasons why i'm archiving the one-stop shop page
i miserably failed in updating this carrd and especially this page in the second half of 2020 lol. i also think you can find what you're looking for in the other pages!

i left these pages untouched when moving them to the archive, so feel free to peruse if you want.
just want to note that i now have mixed feelings about the popular ig account @soyouwanttotalkabout, of which a lot of their posts are linked below. some of their infographics gloss over other perspectives/issues so i've been wary of the info they post and have unfollowed them. take their posts with a grain of salt and remain critical if you decide to read their posts!

the pages below were last updated in september 2020.

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take the time to educate yourself on how a long history of colonization, imperialism, and racism has culminated in today's society. listen and amplify the voices that have been silenced/ twisted/ ignored for far too long.

i created this archive of posts in case you want to reference back to a specific post or learn more about a certain topic. please do research beyond what is available here, as this is not representative/all-encompassing of each topic's information and ideas.

note: these headings are very broad as the posts in each section cover many different topics. i'll probably do some rearranging so that posts can live in more fitting sections!

additional note: many of these posts are going to be intersectional by nature but i file them under one section or another for ease. remember that all movements and issues are intersectional! nothing happens in a vacuum.

another additional note: i encourage you to read the 3 posts below! admittedly, most of the links in this section are instagram infographics, but it's also important to note what kind of activism is reflected in our consumption of these kinds of posts. i think that the ig graphics are nice and all but that can't be all we have to guide our own learning/unlearning. go beyond the ig graphics and read articles/papers/books, listen to podcasts, watch documentaries and interviews, and most of all amplify the voices of those who best understand the topic/movement at hand. (many of these infographics have those kinds of resources listed in the last slides/bottom of their posts as references!)


what is going on in the world?
tw, cw// violence, blood, explosions, rape, sexual assault

covid-19 updates